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Holocaust Letter - Property of a Jew in Litzmannstadt

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Letter about a property of a Jew in Litzmannstadt regarding the fact that this property wasn't as big as stated by the register, since a part of it was part of the Lodz city street, ant therefore that part was no longer property of the Jew according to an architect. Document is very nice, with a letterhead of the Kreditgesellschaft der Stadt Lodsch. The background is a contract of sale with the Jew who own that piece of land, most probably forced to sell or euphemistically "sold" but actually seized. It was sent in 1941.Translation:On request, the architect E horn gave me the following information: "When I estimated the above-mentioned app. On 3.2.41), it was not apparent from the overview plan handed over to me how large the plot was. In my estimate of the amount I learned the exact limits from neighbors of the Grundstlokes. Stuoksfläche is where the limits of the total land - 4251.57 sqm.After consultation with your Horrn Friese is in the land register files the property with 4318.09 The difference lies in the fact that the land register still contains the street property, which, however, has thus ceded to the city. In my addendum I have already noted: "Since the plot of land on one Side street, lies and the assignment of the street has already taken place, must be calculated in full. "The site must be worth - the city planning office's certificate that there are no concerns about the sale is requested, from which it has not yet been ht received. After receipt I will submit the same.