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Litzmannstadt ghetto - Stamps from ghetto ! Very rare with stamp of authenticity philatelist expert L. Schmutz !

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Three types of stamps with a uniform design of 5 pfennigs in dark blue, 10 pfennigs in dark green and 20 pfennigs in dark brown are known. The ghetto stamps were issued cut on slightly roughened paper. Some of them had a slightly yellowish rubber coating. The drawing in landscape format on the 5-pfennig stamp shows, in addition to the inscription “JUDENPOST Litzmannstadt-Getto” and the value with a Jewish star behind it, a portrait of Chaim Rumkowski, a stylized image of the forced labor carried out in the ghetto for textile factories and factory chimneys. These stamps were soon banned by the German authorities and most of them were probably destroyed.

From a philatelic perspective, the few surviving stamps can be attributed to German postal history, as Litzmannstadt was considered a city in Germany at the time of issue. This is also shown by the value, as it is given in pfennigs and not in zloty, as used in the General Government. Very good condition with stamp of authenticity philatelist very well knows expert L.Schmutz  !