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Original wrapping paper used for a parcel sent to KL Sachsenhausen (Oranienburg)!!!

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Original wrapping paper used to wrap a package sent to an inmate in KL Sachsenhausen (Oranienburg)! Some inmates were allowed to receive packages with food or items of clothing to bear the horrible conditions they had to go through inside the camp. In this case, we offer a great and rare item: the remnants of an original wrapping paper of those packages! It's really rare since all these were discarded and thrown to rubbish. Sometimes these were preserved because inmates used them to roll cigarettes or as for hygienic or physiological reasons. On the paper, it reads: "Inhalt: Alte Kleindung und Nahrungsmittel" (Content: Old clothes and food) Very rare item!  Remember that many letters were sent from camp but this one went from outside into the camp, something very unusual!