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Prison Myslowice and KL Auschwitz letter - 1944

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The establishment of a temporary police prison in Mysłowice was associated with the mass arrest of Silesian insurgents, participants of the National Defense, Polish intelligentsia and social and political activists in the first months of the occupation.Existing court prisons were overcrowded. Mass shootings and deportations to concentration camps did not relieve the prisons in the face of the increasing repression of the occupier. The prison in Mysłowice was investigative and distributive.On average, prisoners stayed there for up to 3 months. At that time, the investigation was over and the Gestapo made a decision on the type of punishment; most often men were sent to concentration camps in Oświęcim, Gross-Rosen, Mauthausen, and women to the camp in Ravensbr?ck.Set of postcard from prison Myslowice and foldede letter from KL Auschwitz. One enmate