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Racist & Anti Semitic Pamphlet DER UNTERMENSCH Dutch

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Racist and anti-Semitic pamphlet "Der Untermensch - De Beestmensch " Dutch version.This is one of the most gruesome and derogatory anti-Jewish and racist publications of the Third Reich. It is a large 10 x 13-1/4 inch, 52 page very, very heavily illustrated magazine with photos of Slavic and disabled people, with strange and deformed faces and other gruesome images of starvation and mass killings, so that the communist regime in the USSR is presented as a sub-human country controlled by animals and beasts. It also compares the features of the faces of European people in comparison to show the superiority of those compared to Slavic men and women. This pamphlet was created by order of Himmler himself and translated into many languages (at least 9 known to exist) so that the theories of racial superiority of the Aryans was spread all over occupied and collaborative Europe during the WW2.