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XIX Century Beautifully Silver Embroidered Jewish Atarah of Former Rabbi of Poland Zew Wawa Morejno

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Very rare probably XIX century beautifully silver embroidered Jewish ornaments - Atarah is the culmination, a decorative belt of various lengths and widths, decorated with silver, convex embroidery, sewn on the upper edge of the tallit. The object is made in the technique of silver stitching. This woven design atarah, crafted from sterling .925 silver yarn, is a royal upgrade for any tallit. The woven style, referred to in Yiddish as “Geflochtene Atarah”, is worn by many as it is a traditional style. This sterling silver atarah has a border around the many different artistic baroque style inspired designs.This item belonged to the famous Rabbi of Poland Zew Wawa Morejno. This is one of the many items that came from the family estand. Good condition size 70x8cm. More information about him at this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zew_Wawa_Morejno