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Very rare elections propaganda leaflet with anti-Semitic and Nazi supporting message aimed to German women - Volkischer Block party 1924 founded by Anton Drexler!

Der Sturmer - Rare ultra antisemitic leaflet handed out by "Der Sturmer" in the streets sharing anti Jewish message and explaining the aims of the newspaper and its position/intentions regarding politics and people

Very rare public announcement poster fully in Polish addressed to the Polish population informing about the shooting of 50 Polish prisoners and sentencing other 60 to death

Nice poster with advertisement of a conference about prehistory in the Warthegau included in the "Kraft durch Freude" leisure organisation series of cultural activities in Litzmannstadt - 1942

Anti-Semitic party "Völkischer Block" elections' propaganda leaflet inviting the working class to vote against the Jewish businessmen that slave the workers, printed in the 20s, after Nazi party was banned after the "Putsch".

Nice poster with program of cultural and educational activities of the "Kraft durch Freude" leisure organisation of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront in Litzmannstadt 1943


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