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KL Auschwitz - Prisoner letters sent from Auschwitz camp to family and telegram sent from Auschwitz about death 1941 !

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Very interesting set after one prisoner victims of German concentration camp KL Auschwitz

Radecki, Leopold
(prisoner number: 16735)

born: 1908-10-16, place of birth: Essen, profession: druggist

1. 1941-05-29, Auschwitz, arrived to camp
2. murdered 13.12.1941 in KL Auschwitz,

This set including :

3 letters ( One of the letter was sent from block 10 a " experimental block " two weeks before he die and was cut by censorship .

3 envelopes ( two without stamps but all come from same prisoner )

Telegram sent from Auschwitz to family about his death in camp and also translate of this telegram for Polish made after war.

In Auschwitz museum we find his mug photo , copy below